Single-tube liquid biopsy overcomes tissue biopsy failure to give oncologist personalized treatment decision guidance in matter of days.

A southeastern oncologist treating a 66-year-old male with lung cancer was unable to obtain testing results due to the failure of the tissue biopsy from the tumor. The oncologist referred a blood sample to CIRCULOGENE for its expertise in personalized cancer testing. In less than a week, CIRCULOGENE was able to detect a genetic alteration and match the patient’s cancer with a specific therapeutic.

Using a single tube of blood, CIRCULOGENE’s technology tested for genetic alterations for four different applications, which indicate different treatment strategies:

  • DNA Mutations
  • RNA Fusions
  • PD-L1 Expression
  • MSI (microsatellite instability)


In under one week, CIRCULOGENE detected a PD-L1 expression greater than 50% and identified 47 ongoing trials for DNA mutations associated with this lung cancer. The oncologist immediately initiated pembrolizumab therapy for his patient.

Clinical Benefit:

“It is unclear what the original treatment decision would have been due to the lack of a tissue biopsy; however, using a single tube of blood, CIRCULOGENE provided personalized results, allowing the treating physician to get the patient on the right therapy in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months.”– Chen Yeh, Chief Scientific Officer