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Just a Couple of Tubes of Blood

Your cancer tumors shed cells into your bloodstream.  These cells can be key to what kind of cancer you have, if it has spread, or if your body is responding to your treatment. CIRCULOGENE’s liquid biopsy will look for DNA and RNA from these cells in your blood and provide vital information to your doctor.

Your doctor, or staff, will take a couple of tubes of blood. Those tubes will be sent to us, CIRCULOGENE. We will run the test in our certified laboratory and return the results to your doctor’s office. This will take approximately a week.

The doctor will review the CIRCULOGENE test results and determine the best treatment plan specifically for you.


STEP 1: Tissue Biopsy & CIRCULOGENE Blood Draw

Requires a small amount of blood

STEP 2: Diagnosis


STEP 4: Multi-Disciplinary Discussion

STEP 5: Treatment

Treatment Plan in 9 Days

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