Cancer today continues to be a tremendous burden on America’s healthcare system. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 1,600 people die of cancer every day. Cancer touches everyone, and it is our team’s belief that people want actionable, personalized health information in a timely fashion.

Scientists have been on a quest for many years to identify noninvasive “genetic” cancer biomarkers indicating the presence of disease. Their objective was to discover a more effective and patient-friendly method for the detection, monitoring and treatment of cancer versus today’s method of tissue biopsies which are invasive, painful, time consuming, costly, and at times, inaccurate. Current methods of diagnosis can also be too late in the disease process. Recent advances in bioinformatics, next generation sequencing (NGS) technology and understanding of the genetic basis of cancer are revolutionizing personalized medicine.

CIRCULOGENE’s “liquid biopsy” is based on the discovery that as tumors grow, they also die, releasing their DNA into the bloodstream. CIRCULOGENE’s liquid biopsy tumor DNA sequencing is the only such test available that combines droplet volumes of blood and the most advanced NGS to detect known tumor-mutant DNA within well-characterized, well-documented, cancer-associated genes present in diagnosed cancer patients.

CIRCULOGENE’s laboratory-developed test, operating under CLIA certification, implements stringent pre-analytical validation to ensure consistent quality data acquisition. Our liquid biopsy services leverage proven technology and provide a noninvasive and cost-effective solution for high-sensitivity detection across a variety of samples, including blood. Our unique technology that uses minimal-volumes of blood provides unprecedented information with an up-to-date clinical status in a more complete, accurate, timely, less expensive and less invasive fashion.

With you and your clinician ordering our procedure, you are taking control of your health utilizing state-of-the-art technology. It is important to emphasize that CIRCULOGENE’s test is not a diagnosis of cancer, nor does a negative result necessarily guarantee that a person is cancer-free. There are numerous other types of genetic and non-genetic biomarkers that our analysis does not test. We stress that you should discuss the results of your personalized gene profile with your ordering physician.

Through our patented, liquid biopsy process, CIRCULOGENE delivers tumor monitoring with minimal-volumes of blood.


Noninvasive Precision Medicine

CIRCULOGENE only requires a minimal-volume of blood.

Accurate Identification of Tumor Mutations

CIRCULOGENE’s tests locate and capture cell-free DNA, identifying and quantifying any known tumor mutations for accurate reporting and monitoring.

Tumor DNA Matched with Treatment

In our personalized gene reports, we provide further information on current FDA-approved treatment options for the tumor DNA identified.

Track Responsiveness Frequently

The efficiency of CIRCULOGENE’s process empowers you and your doctor to closely monitor tumor responsiveness and adjust treatment protocols. Turnaround time is five to seven days, which is much faster than tissue biopsy results.