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Circulogene’s liquid biopsy process is based on the discovery that as tumors grow, they also die, releasing their DNA into the bloodstream. Circulogene’s liquid biopsy tumor DNA sequencing is the only test available that combines minimal volumes of blood and the most advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) to monitor tumor-mutant DNA within well-characterized, well-documented, cancer-associated genes.

With just one tube of blood, Circulogene’s patented technology utilizes NGS to monitor known tumor mutations (approximately 3,000) in 50 established cancer-associated genes and further provides information on current FDA-approved treatment options.


Minimal-volume input with maximal yield. One tube for all DNA/RNA/Immunotherapy means the access to patient’s blood is even less invasive.


Patented enrichment technology locates and captures cell-free DNA, identifying and quantifying any tumor mutations for accurate reporting and monitoring.


Capable of testing 50 genes for approximately 3,000 possible mutations. Multimutation monitoring capabilities encompass a broad range of tumor profiles and allow for patient-centered precision medicine.

The Circulogene Advantage

Because our patented technique enriches the sample, Circulogene analysis only requires only one tube of blood, more convenient for health care professionals and patients.
Circulogene’s tests analyze for the presence of cell-free DNA, identifying and quantifying any tumor mutations for accurate reporting and monitoring.
In our personalized gene reports, Circulogene further provides information on current FDA-approved treatment options proven effective for the tumor DNA mutations identified.
The efficiency of Circulogene’s process empowers physicians to closely monitor tumor responsiveness and adjust treatment protocols. Turnaround time is five to seven days, much faster than tissue biopsy results and other liquid biopsies.
The Circulogene process uses precise baseline data from which to measure cell turnover and progression.
We compared the sensitivity of our proprietary cell-free DNA enrichment method to the standard DNA extraction kit used industry-wide today. Results demonstrated 100x more cell-free tumor DNA in the original sample using a single tube of blood.
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