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Using advanced bioinformatics

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), have enabled the medical field to discover biomarkers and subsequent cancer therapies targeting biopathways.  The introduction of liquid biopsy has helped streamline the collection process and reduce the time to develop a personalized therapy based upon the tumor’(s) or patient’s molecular fingerprint.

CIRCULOGENE provides oncologists with best-in-class cancer assessment for patients resulting in a complete and accurate molecular profile for treatment determination, patient responsiveness, and cancer progression monitoring.

CIRCULOGENE utilizes a patented methodology which results in higher yields of cfDNA and preserves the fragile cfRNA, as compared to other methods.  Our use of NGS and PCR instrumentation combines the breadth of cfDNA menu as well as the accuracy for cfRNA detection.  These two technological advancements are the basis for CIRCULOGENE’s best-in-class menu offerings including: TumorClear, ImmunoClear,  and MSI Complete.

Each patient’s cancer is unique, understanding the origins and severity of the cancers aids oncologists to personalize the patient’s treatment plan at the time of diagnosis and throughout their cancer journey.

Patients deserve the BEST.

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