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ImmunoClear (Plasma cfRNA PD-L1)

PD-L1 expression has been correlated with clinical effectiveness and improved survival rates when treated immunotherapy. CIRCULOGENE is able to offer the ONLY liquid cfRNA PD-L1, ImmunoClear,  and PCR analytics. 

ImmunoClear, plasma cfRNA PD-L1, has been demonstrated to be predictive of significant survival benefit of immunotherapy treatment over chemotherapy in advanced NSCLC patients.

The Eastern Carolina University (ECU) study demonstrated clinical (survival) benefit of immunotherapy in the presence of plasma cfRNA PD-L1.

Utilizing KEYNOTE-042 as a baseline comparison, plasma PD-L1 parallels tissue PD-L1 clinical trial outcomes with a 30% survival over 3 years.

ImmunoClear is predictive of consolidation durvalumab benefit after chemo radiotherapy in inoperable stage III NSCLC.

Watch Dr. Paul Walker explain the findings from the ECU study and significance of liquid cfRNA PD-L1.

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