Advanced molecular genetics testing delivers lung cancer treatment decision with 5-day international turnaround.

An Israeli oncologist referred his 63-year-old female lung cancer patient to the personalized cancer testing expertise of CIRCULOGENE looking for a faster treatment option specific to her cancer. In just five days, CIRCULOGENE matched the patient’s specific cancer to a potential therapy.

Using only a single tube of blood, the patient’s oncologist ordered a personalized genetic profile from CIRCULOGENE to test for circulating genetic mutations and tumor biomarkers, including:

  • DNA Mutations
  • RNA Fusions
  • PD-L1 Expression
  • MSI (microsatellite instability)


In five days, CIRCULOGENE detected MSI and PD-L1 expression in this international patient – this identified the patient as a potential match for pembrolizumab therapy, a cancer treatment proven effective across multiple cancer types. This match was made without an invasive biopsy.

Clinical Benefit:

“Without CIRCULOGENE liquid biopsy testing, this patient may have been treated using a therapy that was non-specific for her particular lung cancer. Through molecular characterization of the patient’s tumor, the oncologist was able to overcome the challenges and uncertainty of traditional tissue biopsy and make an informed, effective cancer treatment decision in a matter of days.”– Chen Yeh, Chief Scientific Officer