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CIRCULOGENE offers many options for your doctors to prescribe for you.

TumorClear (NGS Molecular Panel)

CIRCULOGENE’s TumorClear next generation sequencing (NGS) panel includes guideline markers, as well as, expert recommended actionable DNA mutations.

The TumorClear NGS panel provides a molecular profile which can help your doctor to prescribe targeted treatment at the time of diagnosis, understand your response to treatment, and/or monitor cancer progression and recurrence.

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ImmunoClear – Lung Cancer

CIRCULOGENE offers the ONLY liquid cfRNA PD-L1, ImmunoClear. Patients with PD-L1 have been known to respond positively to immunotherapy versus chemotherapy. Should you have a PD-L1 expression, your doctor will consider this with other markers and your overall health in order to determine the right treatment for you.

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MSI Complete – Colorectal Cancer

CIRCULOGENE provides the most enhanced MSI detection available.  MSI-high could be an indication of immunotherapy response in colorectal cancer.

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Hereditary Panels

CIRCULOGENE also offers testing for the presence of hereditary genes passed on from parents to offspring. These inherited genes play an important role in cancer risk and susceptibility.

The Hereditary panels include:

  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • Lynch
  • Pancreatic
  • Prostate
  • Breast/Ovarian/Uterine

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