Circulogene’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Chen-Hsiung Yeh, authored the latest research findings in ACTA Scientific Cancer Biology, Volume 2, Issue 1. This is the first paper released in 2018, which has important findings that include:

  1. Confirming, once again, Circulogene’s technology outperforms QIAGEN kit in both quality and quantity;
  2. Especially critical is that cfDNA prepared by Circulogene’s technology is very clean (free of genomic DNA contamination from normal blood cells), whereas QIAGEN cfDNA is contaminated with fair amount of gDNA;
  3. This finding is key when translating into higher sensitivity due to higher tumor-specific signal-to-noise ratio by reducing normal cell DNA;
  4. Circulogene applied a relatively “new” technology in this study ie, a multi-target qPCR.

Read the full paper here:

Pre-Analytical Assessment of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Prepared by An Isolation-Free Enrichment Technology