Applications due: 5pm EST on August 1, 2018
Award announcements: anticipated by September 15, 2018

Pilot Award Details:

Made possible by CIRCULOGENE, this pilot program is expected to provide a foundation for fostering new collaborations, acquiring new research grants, and unifying researchers from different areas in pursuit of furthering cancer research. The pilot will provide CIRCULOGENE’s full panel of Precision Medicine testing on up to 100 samples at no cost.

A total of two awards will be granted in application period.

Priority Area of Interest:

Applications that focus on cancer immunotherapy or other systemic therapy with clinical annotation including: age, gender, cancer type, stage at time of collection, outcome to treatment (response, progression-free survival, and/or overall survival).

Eligibility Requirements:

The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a full-time faculty member of a U.S. non-profit institution with IRS 501(c)(3) status or equivalent Canadian institution or a state university

Proposal Requirements:

A pdf or doc file with a maximum 2 pages which will include:

  • Specific aims and study methods with details on how samples were collected/stored. (Note for blood-based testing, samples must be plasma and collected in EDTA or sodium citrate. Streck tubes are not compatible with the CIRCULOGENE panel. If you have questions about the feasibility of running your sample collection on the platform, please email )
  • Significance and cancer relevance
  • Statement of how the work will catalyze future cancer-relevant grant submissions
  • Required but excluded from the two-page limit: No more than 30 references to relevant publications may be listed and a letter from the PI’s IRB or institution verifying IRB approval for the samples collected and analysis

Please do not propose projects that are not ready to ramp up quickly. Samples should be ready for shipment to CIRCULOGENE for analyses within a few weeks of the award.

The two highest scored proposals will be selected for an award. In order to complete the award process, a material transfer agreement (MTA) must be fully executed with the PI and his/her institution within 4 weeks of selection for the award. If unable to fully execute the MTA within the 4-week deadline, the award will be rescinded and offered to the next highest scoring proposal.

Email the proposal as a PDF or Word doc file to