In the latest feature from Clinical Lab Products magazine, experts from First Health, Banner Health and Biodesix Inc. discuss progress and challenges on the way to a blood-based assay for PD-L1.

The article, “Overcoming Immune Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” highlights Circulogene as one of the few CLIA-certified, commercial tests available that has taken on the challenge of developing assays to detect PD-L1 in a liquid biopsy test.

“The PD-L1 expression test from Circulogene, Birmingham, Ala, detects cell-free RNA (cfRNA) using next-generation sequencing and a proprietary extraction-free, cell-free nucleic acid enrichment method. The company’s technique enables users to recover up to 100 times as much genetic material as industry-standard extraction methods, from as little as 20 mL of blood.”

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