DATE: January 3, 2019

CIRCULOGENE Expands Molecular Diagnostics Testing Footprint To Asia-Pacific Region

Strategic partnership broadens cancer-targeted molecular diagnostics and immunotherapy testing to rapidly growing Asia-Pacific market.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.CIRCULOGENE, advancing precision medicine through molecular genetics testing, has entered into an international partnership with New Zealand-based CIRCULOGENE Asia Pacific Limited. The strategic business relationship expands the laboratory’s footprint across East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceana, including the countries of New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

“This agreement with industry experts in Auckland facilitates the expansion of our laboratory’s testing services internationally,” said CIRCULOGENE CEO Mike Mullen. “We are proud to make advanced cancer diagnostics more accessible to medical facilities, physicians and patients in the Asia-Pacific and other regions of the world, building on the success of earlier agreements.”

CIRCULOGENE previously announced an international licensing agreement with a strategic partner covering parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

“This joint venture makes advanced molecular diagnostic testing available to oncology patients and their physicians across this entire region,” said Andrea J. Miller, Regional Manager of CIRCULOGENE Asia Pacific Limited. “Tumor status can be determined rapidly and accurately with CIRCULOGENE’s industry-leading, one-week turnaround times, helping physicians select the latest life-saving and life-extending therapeutics and clinical trials available to their patients.”

CIRCULOGENE’s proprietary sample preparation technology combined with next-generation sequencing (NGS) delivers maximum output from minimum input with the fastest turnaround times and lowest costs in the industry. Genomic testing capabilities include DNA, RNA, somatic and hereditary testing, as well as a complete package of immunotherapy testing, with 20-fusion NTRK biomarker testing to be introduced in Q1 2019. CIRCULOGENE is also the only company able to provide circulating DNA, RNA and MSI cancer immunotherapy testing from a single tube of blood.

CIRCULOGENE is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certifiedand provides biomarker testing for a broad range of cancers, allowing physicians to match results to specific drugs and clinical trials. For more information, visit our website, connect with us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter, or email us at or call 855-614-7083. Clinicians interested in ordering tests may visit the Contact page on CIRCULOGENE’s website.



Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., CIRCULOGENE is an innovative molecular diagnostics company founded and operated by a team of experienced industry executives and skilled molecular diagnostics scientists. Applying its proprietary laboratory developed test for cfDNA, cfRNA and MSI liquid biopsies, CIRCULOGENE has developed a next-generation sequencing (NGS) method to provide full genomic load analysis from one standard tube of blood in one week, enabling more accurate data to help clinicians and their patients choose targeted therapies, monitor efficacy and monitor for recurrence. One tube, one week, complete results. Somatic + Germline; Blood + Tissue + Buccal; DNA + RNA + Immunotherapy. For more information, visit or call 855-614-7083.



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