Scientists have been on a quest for years to identify noninvasive “genetic” cancer biomarkers to improve the management and treatment of cancer. Their objective was to discover an effective, patient-friendly method to better identify, track and treat cancer without relying solely on traditional, invasive tissue biopsies, which may become exhausted or impractical to acquire. Using advances in bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing (NGS), scientists developed the liquid biopsy, which has helped revolutionize personalized medicine. Combining NGS with our proprietary sample preparation technology, CIRCULOGENE continues advancing the science of molecular cancer diagnostics, leading the industry in the development of efficient, economically feasible, cell-free tumor DNA analysis from a single tube of blood.

CIRCULOGENE’s laboratory-developed test, operating under CLIA certification (CLIA ID NUMBER: 01D2101075), implements stringent pre-analytical validation to ensure consistent, quality data acquisition. Our liquid biopsy services leverage proven technology and provide a noninvasive, cost-effective solution for high-sensitivity detection across a variety of samples. Using a minimal-volume of blood, our unique technology provides unprecedented information with an up-to-date clinical status in a more complete, accurate and timely fashion.

Cancer today continues to be a tremendous burden on America’s healthcare system. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 1,600 people die of cancer every day. Cancer touches everyone, and it is our team’s belief that people want the most actionable, personalized and accurate health information possible in shortest amount of time.

CIRCULOGENE: 1 Tube, 1 Week, Complete Results. DNA, RNA, MSI, Immunotherapy. Somatic and Hereditary. Blood, Tissue, Buccal.